1. What does Thenga mean ?

A: Thenga means 'coconut' in Malayalam, Kerala's native language.

2. Who manufactures these coconut shell products ?

A: Thenga's products are hand made by artisans in Kerala who are trained in coconut shell artwork. They belong to districts like Thrissur, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Wayanad.

3. Can we use the products for hot food ?

A: It is best to avoid hot food in the Coconut Bowl. Coconut shell teacups can be used for hot beverages, as the shell for cups are smaller and thicker which can bear the heat.

4. How should we wash the products ?

A: Normal Hand wash, do not use Dishwasher.

5. What are the Care Instructions ?

A: After 20 or so washes, if you feel the coconut bowl looks dry, apply coconut oil or any other edible oil. The oil will absorb into the shell and the shine will be revived.

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